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Pip and Estella was published on June 25, 2021.

The second book in The Estella Trilogy is due out in August.

Available on Amazon in paperback ($16.95) or on Kindle.

Dickens leaves the end of Great Expectations ambiguous with regard to the Pip-Estella relationship.  He also introduces at the end a child of 3, also named Pip, the daughter of Joe and Biddy Gargery. The first volume of the sequel I am writing, Pip and Estella: Matters of Conscience, deploys these and other characters from the original, Jaggers the lawyer, Wemmick his clerk,  Molly, Jaggers servant (Estella's mother), Young Pip and his wife Susanna, a Scots lady of independent means.  Beatrice is Old Pip first wife Beatrice with one son, Albert, who dies giving birth to a dead daughter. Old Pip and Estella  marry after Beatrice's death. Jaggers engages Old Pip as a partner, and endows a Trust which is deployed for the poor. Estella works with Macdonald, a young lawyer, to help male and female prostitutes.


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